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We hope you are well. Please find attached a background document on the Migrant Workers Research Group for the upcoming World Congress to be held in Lima in 2021 and questions that the coordinators would like to address.

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Please find attached a message on the forthcoming XIII ISLSSL European Regional Congress, Lisbon 5-7 May 2021


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Sierra Leone Government on 6th July, 2020 have hammered the country Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mrs. Dr Priscilla Schwartz was relief of her duty towards the nation as Attorney General and Minister of Justice in which the reason for her removal from the highest judicial department of the country was not made known to the public but since the conclusion of the treasonable trial faced by the former Minister of Defence and Internal Affairs during the last regime, Rtd. Major Alfred Paolo Conteh and two others in which the government prosecutors failed to secured convictions on the accuse persons for committing treasonable offenses as charged, several lawyers, some civil societies and individuals through social media have called on the government of Sierra Leone to sack the Attorney General and Minister of Justice due to her failure and incompetence to secured convictions that lead to gross waste of government resources on the legal matter which her good advise might have not cost the state so much.

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Urgent Message from President Janice Bellace

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Please find attached a message from President Janice Bellace

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Por favor encuentre aquí el mensaje de la Presidenta Janice Bellace

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Veuillez trouver ci-joint le message de la Présidente Janice Bellace


Additional news:

It is with pleasure that the ALLS announce the creation of the Lesotho Labour Law Society (LESLAW)

We wish them lots of luck and good fortune. If you wish to join up, please contact.

Mateboho Tohlang-Phafane

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