The ILAW Network was established in December 2018 by a global network of trade union and workers' rights lawyers and advocates. The ILAW Network is important and necessary given that workers and unions face many of the same legal issues worldwide, and that the promotion and defense of labor rights and interests can be further strengthened through international legal solidarity. We believe that it is essential for the effective representation of trade unions and workers that there is a means of bringing lawyers and academics together to exchange information and ideas. We hope that the ILAW Network will be vital to the promotion of workers' rights worldwide. The ILAW Network currently has over 650 members in more than 75 countries, representing workers on every continent. More information is available at

The ILAW Network offers various opportunities for information sharing, learning, collaboration and effective strategizing on issues related to the protection and expansion of workers' rights. It will be up to the members to decide which issues deserve their attention. However, the problem areas on which the ILAW network will initially focus are as follows:

Global Supply Chain Responsibility and Accountability

Fissured Employment Relationship

Informal Economy

Rights of Migrant Workers

Employment Discrimination in All Its Forms

Gender Based Violence and Harassment

Organizing and Bargaining with Multinational Employers

Trade Union Rights

Public Sector Labor Relations

Occupational Safety and Health


Given the global reach of the network, an online platform ( is the main point of interaction between members. The website offers:

  • An online library for sharing relevant materials accessible by subject and geography
  • A global directory of member contact information and areas of expertise
  • Listserv to facilitate direct communication between members with similar interests
  • Daily news on the importance of workers' rights and a calendar to announce upcoming events of potential interest,
  • A platform for webinars and other educational opportunities

You can already find several hundred cases, reports and articles corresponding to our thematic areas, and news covering major legal developments around the world. Highlights are included in our monthly e-newsletters sent to all members. The website is now available in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Portuguese.

The ILAW Network convenes meetings of members as resources permit and will assist members in organizing their own regional meetings where possible. In November 2019, the ILAW Network held its first global conference in Mexico City, Mexico. More than 120 lawyers participated in this successful two-day conference, which helped shape the ILAW Network's 2020 agenda. We are already planning regional conferences for 2020.

The ILAW Network has an independent advisory board of 20 lawyers who advocate for workers' and trade union rights from 20 different countries and is chaired by Solidarity Center Rule of Law Director Jeffrey Vogt. We have the institutional and/or financial support of the International Trade Union Confederation, several Global Union Federations and many national confederations and sectoral federations, as well as foundations.

All lawyers who represent or support workers in their professional practices are eligible to join the ILAW Network; only those who represent employers against workers' interests are not invited to join. Dues levels are modest and linked to ability to pay.

In view of the increasingly global nature of work and the common trends affecting workers regardless of their nationality, a global legal network is needed now more than ever. We invite you to join ILAW Network today. For more information, visit the ILAW Network website ( or contact:

Jeffrey Vogt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Monika Mehta at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Jon Hiatt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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